Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dave Pinto says he'll announce his 64B intentions soon

Ramsey County prosecutor Dave Pinto is getting his case together for the 64B race left open by the decision by Michael Paymar not to run in 2014.

"I'm not ready to announce," Pinto said in an interview this weekend. "But I would say it would be soon."

The assistant Ramsey County Attorney made his political debut in 2010, contending with John Choi for the DFL endorsement. Choi got it and won the election, but Pinto is working for him now.

Pinto has been a senior prosecutor focusing on domestic abuse cases where children are involved, and does policy and legislative work on the issue now. He's also a key player in the Ramsey County Attorney's efforts to combat juvenile sex trafficking.

Pinto grew up in Falcon Heights and went to school in Roseville. He went to Harvard, and then on to the University of Virginia for an MBA and a law degree. He's since clerked for 8th Circuit Court of Appeals judge Diana Murphy and is a Robins, Kaplan, Miller and Ciresi alum, as well.

But he says public service drew him away from the law firm to the Ramsey County Attorney's office: "I just wanted my day to day work to mean something more, to take care of the community."

And he thinks the next logical step for that is the Legislature.

Pinto says fighting sex trafficking and domestic violence remain priorities for him, but he'd like to expand the scope of his work. "I think of it generally as taking care of kids. Everything from early childhood education, to anti-bullying and the Safe Schools for All. I think the child protection and child welfare systems need a good look. And, of course, education."

Pinto has had some volunteer community: he has served in the past on the Highland District Council and serves on the city of St. Paul's Long Range Capital Improvement Budget Committee (along with fellow 64B contender Melanie McMahon).

Look for a formal announcement and a website at http://www.davepinto.com

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